Let history show. Donald Trump is not promoting violence. The media is~!!!!!

big cock trump

Trump at one of his rallies, some time in 2015

Paul Raven (@praven7) says:

What violence? This is insanely dishonest. There has been NO violence at Trump rallies until Leftist disrupters provoked it. What’s grotesque is you, Rubio. Did Obama’s “get in their faces” and “they bring a knife, you bring a gun” ever strike you as “grotesque”? Have you seen these cretinous thugs that call themselves Bernie supporters? You make me sick. I thought I knew how debased and cowardly and morally twisted the GOP was, but I didn’t know the half of it. My God — you people need to be routed from public life.

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Paul Raven sums it up nicely. Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets; continually stir up the hornets nest.
The CEO’s of these networks are the propaganda arm of wall street, and wall street answers to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgon, Chase, and CITI bank. Who report directly to the Federal reserve. Who controls the politicians. Who happen to be in charge of our country.
Donald Trump is continually battered because he dares to speak the truth.
The powers that be, show just how easy it is to rewrite history. How easy it is to spin a good guy as the villain, and make a villain into the good guy.


I’m sorry to say that I think they fix is in for FL and Ohio — doesn’t matter what the polls say. This BS about the violence at Trump rallies (question at debate) then staged protests in Chicago is part of the Sea Island plan to create a “reason” for the polls being wrong and Rubio to win in FL and Kasich in Ohio. I hope I’m wrong but FL and Ohio are notorious for cheating during elections.

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blognificentbee says:

Attention Tweeters: Katherine McCoun posted this link on the earlier rally thread. We have to get this out – VIRAL. Link is to donation tracking site opensecrets.com which is up & up non-partisan group. 6th top donor to Kasich’s campaign is Soros! This needs to get to conservative Ohioans before Tuesday. Please tweet, FB, or blog this link. Thanks Katherine!


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