Oh. this is good. BLM has managed to wake the DRAGON.



photo 1 inside auditorium

inside the auditorium. credits; killibella, sundance, conservative treehouse, Donald trump. and the rage against the machine.

Trump rally brutally attacked. First hand reports describe the chaos.

kallibella says:

Hubby and I got home safe and sound. Thank God for His protective grace!

We got to the arena at about 3: 30pm and started filing in soon after. Security searched all handbags and backpacks.

We noticed entire sections of protesters occupying large section of the arena and also seated among Trump supporters. They were mean. Aggressive. Belligerent. Rude. Loud. They were very organized and started disrupting inside the arena before the announcement was made.

When announcement was made the whole place erupted in loud screams and shouts coming from all the protesters. They were celebrating the cancellation.

They didn’t stop there. They even wanted to take over the stage area with the microphone and paraded around locking arms among each other screaming at us, at all Trump supporters, hateful things. Obscenities. Vulgar gestures. They were awful. Demonic like. Many muslims, men and women. Bernie supporters all over the place. BLM as well. The whole place was swarming with them, like roaches.

The arena was slowly emptied out and all the Trump supporters were out on the side walks/streets and cops everywhere trying to keep the two camps separated. The protesters were so loud. Very loud.

photo 2 outside the rally

killibella, sundance,conservative treehouse. Donald trump.

They spilled over the streets and prevented traffic from moving from out of the parking lots and shouted and cussed at Trump supporters.

These were America haters. Anarchists. Haters like I’ve never seen before. The lowest of the lowest human elements.

I can’t wait to vote on Tuesday. WE NEED TRUMP. .

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16 Responses to Bernie Sanders, BLM, and Demonic George soros guilty

  1. kallibella says:

    Please give me a minute to upload pictures and video. Thanks! 🙂

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  2. kallibella says:

    Having trouble posting pictures. Can you tell what to do?


    • Yes.
      Do you know how to get images to your wordpress site?
      1. send foto’s to your computer, docs, pics, both seem to work
      2. you will be asked save as. choose jpeg.
      3. go to your site, click on new post.
      4. when it opens up, there will be a small icon in the tool area, left side.
      5. click it, it should be the add media option.
      6. Add new button, click it.
      7. this will bring up your computer files.
      8. select which file you want, open it.
      9. WordPress will save the photo.
      10. click the add to post button. and the pic should post.
      10. Hit the publish button, you can always trash your post if you want, or keep it your choice.
      11. View post.
      12. your post will come up. all you have to do is right click on the image,
      13. the drop down menu will appear, click copy and it’s yours.
      14. good luck.

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  3. kallibella says:


  4. kallibella says:

    Hope this works…

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  5. kallibella says:

    Trump supporters disappointed at the chaos and cancellation of rally.

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  6. kallibella says:

    Scene outside taken from high up parking ramp. Protesters blocking traffic and harassing Trump supporters as they drove away.

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  7. kallibella says:

    I have a couple of videos. How can I post those?


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