What a Dope~!!!!!!

dont use drugs

It’s okay to use drugs if you are old. I mean older than 65, and you’re financially set, with no debt.

What’s the worst that could happen? Would it ruin your life? Possibly, but you’re old. There is no cure for old age.

This is the only possible excuse for using drugs, and it’s still a pretty weak example. So the bottom line is don’t do drugs.

Drugs are garbage, because they make you happy right where you’re at. That pain of life, the boredom, fatigue,and confusion is normal. Do not suppress it with drugs. This uncomfortableness is what drives you to better yourself. Take that away with drugs and you’re stuck where your at. And sadly, you’ll be kinda okay with it.

Need an example of how drugs make you happy and content in your current position? I’m sooo glad you asked.

You find yourself on the battlefield. INCOMING~!!!! Goddammit! Now your leg is blown off, and some of your guts are hanging out. You can’t hear anything because your ears are ringing, you got sand in your eyes, and you just shit yourself.

You’re in shock, can’t really feel anything but you raise your head and there’s your guts and the stump of your legs. MEDIC~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the morphine. The medic looks at your sorry ass and out of sympathy gives you a double dose. He’s thinking, poor bastard, probably ain’t gonna make it. Might as well make him comfortable.

Here comes the warm embracing feeling, you know your legs blown off but who cares. Oh look at the shape of that cloud, it looks like a tricycle. Neat. Lost in your own oblivion, nothing matters. There goes reality………

So I guess there’s really only one good scenario to use dope, but you’ll have to have your leg blown off and your guts hanging out.

Get back in the game and suffer like the rest of us. You’ll be glad you did.



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March 15 trump swastika

March 15 2016


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