Why won’t the government fix it~!!!!

In America there are about 350 million consumers, ah I mean people. The population of the world is about 7 billion. Most of these potential consumers, I mean people, can’t afford to eat let alone buy anything.

The only thing these potential consumers, I mean people, are good for is low cost wages in their country. How could we elevate them up to a level where they could afford to consume, I mean buy, trinkets, and super expensive health care. Hmmmm…. Oh, I know!

Let’s get them into Europe, the United States, and Canada. So what if they don’t have any papers. Who cares if they don’t speak the language.



Why is George Soros funding the Muslim invasion of Europe?


He knows that Welfare checks spend exactly like payroll checks. If a government borrows money from a central bank to fund welfare programs, the tax payer will pay taxes to try to pay off an unpayable national debt.

Same thing in the U.S. Mass immigration from South, and Central America. A welfare check spends just the same as a payroll check.

Health care can be really profitable, as long as the government is paying for it. Uncle Sam just goes to the federal reserve, and presto more money. The IRS is there to make sure everyone pays their tribute to the FED.

Why do you think all the politicians don’t want Donald Trump in office. He will build a wall and stop the flow of consumers, I mean illegal immigrants into the united states.

Plain and Simple; mass immigration means more consumers. Try applying that simple statement when ever you’re having a hard time figuring out why they won’t stop something that is so correctable.

Benghazi was a distraction for a heist of Libya’s 144 tons of gold, try applying that simple statement when ever you’re wondering why Hillary is not being indicted  for allowing Chris Stevens to die in Libya.  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/12/08/spinning-up-as-speak-email-shows-pentagon-was-ready-to-roll-as-benghazi-attack.html

The Federal Reserve is the head of the evil snake. Hillary was working for them.



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