Donald Trump, Socialism and preexisting conditions.

One thing that isn’t being discussed is personal responsibility. Most are responsible with their own health. Unfortunately many are not. I know there are circumstances beyond our control, but many are manageable.
Good behavior should be rewarded. If you have good credit, a good credit interest rate, bank CD should be available. If you can meet minimum exercise requirements, then a steep discount on insurance should be available.
Reward good behavior.

3/2/2016 update

My latest. “Donald Trump posts healthcare plans on his site. NO Socialized Medicine. Will Ted Cruz do the same”

Donald Trump can’t get into office soon enough.

C. Steven

Well it has now been more than two weeks since my last post which proved by linking to Donald Trump’s written health care policy proposals that Mr. Trump does not support a “Single Payer Socialized Medicine” system. Since I wrote that piece I have been basking in the hate of Ted Cruz supporters – many of whom neither read my piece or Mr. Trump’s written policy proposals linked within. So, I have decided to write a new piece for all who are still interested in my take on health care policy. I can only assume that does not include hundreds of my fellow Conservative former friends and allies who are Ted Cruz supporters who have since blocked me on Facebook and Twitter after leaving encouraging comments like “you’re a f*cking liar and a traitorous piece of sh*t“. “Believe me” I’m “feeling the burn” and it’s…

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