The Vicious Snake – Cultural Marxism

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Zucker is the CEO of CNN.

Jeff Zucker directs the direction of his company. Anderson Cooper, follows his orders.

Jeff Zucker makes a lot of money with chaos,~”If it bleeds it leads”~ Jeff Zucker doesn’t want peace, Jeff Zucker wants WAR!!!!!!!!

Jeff Zucker knows that there is only 350 million people in the United States.

The worlds population is around 7ish billion. Jeff Zucker, wants more people in America, and the European Union. More people means more consumers.

Jeff Zucker, hobnobs with wallstreet. The best way for wall street to influence the masses is with the media.

Wall Street wants more consumers, so they can make more profits.

I can agree with making a living, hell I do it to. But,~ I don’t do it at the expense of my friends, my family, my city, my state, my country.

Jeff Zucker knows exactly what he is doing, Wall street knows what they are doing. They don’t care who dies, who suffers, or the chaos they cause. Anything goes in a chaos, so much easier to grab what you want when there is no order.

All the attacks against trump, have failed. Using the pope, they tried the religious angle to get Trump. That failed. It failed because the American people are sick of their government, using us for their own gain, and using the media to do it.


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