‘Casus Belli’: Terrorist Attack in Ankara a ‘chances of war’ for the Erdogan’s regime, a pretext to launch a military intervention?

WTF. Why isn’t the American media covering Syria, and Turkey?

the real Syrian Free Press

The ‘Casus Belli’ ~ The terrorist attack in Ankara is most likely a ‘Chances Of War’ for the Erdogan regime (one of the most ruthless, cynical and bloody dictatorships in the history of modern Turkey), a pretext to launch a stronger military intervention on Syrian soil … provided that they carry also a lot of Turkish coffins … because they will need them…
(SFP newsroom)

Reasons to believe that the recent Ankara car explosion is a Turkish intelligence services ‘false flag’, a MÏT ‘inside job’…

  1. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) supported by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces have liberated the remaining points under terrorist control in the cities of Harasta and Douma.
  2. Thus, the government forces gained full control over the Homs-Damascus highway. Next expected targets of the SAA are the pockets in northern Douma and the Industrial District of Harasta.
  3. The Kurdish YPG units engaged in heavy fighting with…

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