Donald Trump is going to be president. CNN, does not want Trump. Who owns CNN? His name is Jeff Zucker.

Jeff Zucker must want Mexicans and drugs to stream into America. So Zucker, directs his underlings to bash the idea of trump building a wall. The best part, let’s try to scare the American public by exaggerating the cost of building the wall, and forget to mention that Trump is going to have Mexico pay for it. Who care’s what it cost’s, Mexico is gonna pay for it.


With Mexico having to foot the bill, you’d think they would want it to be a cheap as possible. After all, Trump is going to be President.

Walls are easy to build. Roads on the other hand are difficult. According to the U.S. DOT. A road only costs 1 to 5 million dollars per mile. Freeways are averaged to be 20 million per mile. Sometimes they’re cheaper, Kansas anyone? And sometimes they’re more expensive.

Oh boy, here’s some math. There are 1000 millions in a billion. So, let’s say Trump is gonna build a really bad ass wall, and the cost is 5 million per mile.

$5,000,000/mile x 2,000 miles = $10,000,000,000. Ten billion dollars, Mexico should be able to swing that.

Trump is going to have a nice wall we can all be proud of. And he’s gonna do it under budget, and before the deadline he gives himself.

The Media lies, and Trump is kicking in the front door.

Trump 2016

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