Can a video from England be loaded onto an American site?


Well what do you know, Enjoy mother F’ers.

Notice the crowds, the Germans gathered happily. They were fed up with their government betrayal.

I know this isn’t going to go over very well, but the similarity of the crowds at Donald Trump rallies are undeniable.

The American public is fed up with their empty government promises. Over $190 million dollars has been spent by the other candidates to stop Donald Trump. AND THEY ARE FAILING

Trump is winning, while battling 3 enemies. The media, Wall street (wall street supports the other candidates) and the American zombies.

It really is just like the Matrix. Some people are so enamored, so entrenched, that will fight tooth and nail to support the current system.

Many people are awake, and that is what is propelling Trump to the oval office.

Let’s just hope more people keep waking up.



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Reincarnated royalty who couldn't figure it out until now.
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