A sample of business property tax

bald guy

6 dudes fighting for a job

Could you imagine a property tax bill of $151,000?

The gubmit makes money (literally). A little paper, a little ink, and presto; MONEY……

So why would the gubmit, have to make money on taxes? Maybe they want to make sure a business can’t get too big for it’s britches.

$151,000 is about 7 people earning, $10/hour for a year. Everyone is howling about not enough jobs. I’ve got an idea! The city government says to the business, we will not charge you property tax if you hire 7 more people. Now the business may not need 7 more people, but who cares. He’ll have to pay the money one way or another. His choice.

The government makes the money, they don’t have to make money. It would be like owning a house free and clear, but charging yourself rent. What!!

Governments job is to impartially and fairly protect, guide, referee, and insure its citizens can be all they can be. Wow that army motto is good. I know, I know, it comes from the hierarchy of needs pyramid with the top being self actualization.

So now 7 people are now on the tax rolls. 7 families are being somewhat self sufficient. 7 people are saved from themselves of having too much time on their hands. Business’s are no longer trapped into hiring the most qualified. 5 people show up at an interview, why not be able to hire them all.

Of course, easy come easy go should be the motto. If somebody proves to be a piece of shit, fire the fucker. Next!

You guys have seen the Gillette commercial, there’s 5 dudes on one side of the room, and one guy on the other side who see’s the picture of the bald board of directors. Shaves his head and gets the job. I’m sure all those guys are qualified. After all everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.

Multiply that one business by 1,000,000 and boom 7,000,000 new jobs.

One caveat; all new workers have to save money to buy a house. With the message from the government. Work sucks, unless you really like it. Retire early and live a little. Don’t be a wage slave.


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