You never know what will work until you try it. But, don’t be stupid! Always wear a parachute.


Guns are not the issue, fucked up people are the problem.

Self defense has always been a priority. Defense from animals, other people, and other people operating under direction from fucked up people who somehow get into a position of power. (Gubmit, Church, Big business, Banks.)

In the beginning, man fought with tooth and nail. Picking up a stick or a rock had good results, so rocks and sticks were improved.

The same thing can be said about abortion. Abortion isn’t the problem, fucked up people are. According to the CDC, http://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/  about 700,000 abortions were done in 2012. I don’t like the idea of abortion, but there are exceptions where it is necessary.

People make mistakes, and if a girl goes to planned parenthood within a month of thinking she’s pregnant and gets the collection of cells vacuumed out. No big deal. Everyone is entitled to error. Contraceptives are an abortion, just without the doctor visit.

Perfect people in a perfect world would have no abortions. So…. what would help stop abortion, and gun crime? Better qualified parents!

How do you get to be a better qualified parent? Learn as much as you can in school. Get a good job, buy a nice little house you can totally afford very close to where you work. Bend over backwards to pay it off. Find a great girl who thinks like you, and start cranking out some kids. Now that you have the house paid off and have zero debt, working 60 hours a week isn’t a priority. You don’t have to have both parents working just to squeak by. The extra expense of child care doesn’t affect the family. Ask any mother, raising kids is hard work. Why add work on top of work. It’s the kids who suffer.

The kids growing up in this environment, will copy what their parents have done and do the same thing.

Contrary to popular opinion Money is not the most important thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s so far ahead of what is, that it might as well be first.

The most important thing in the world is FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! Freedom from being a wage slave. Imagine a life with no house payment, no car payment, no childcare bill, and being able to save 90% of your paycheck. Instead of the other way around, and only saving 10% of your check.

Alright, lets say you’ve sacrificed for 3 years after having zero debt, and you make 50k/year. That equals 45k * 3 = $135,000. Lucky you timed it to coincide with the crash of 2008. You decide, hell I’ll buy a gas station, and pay cash for it. Now you’ve got a business with no debt and a house with no debt.

Now you’re operating under a no debt principal. You joyfully pass the savings along to your customers, and they are damn glad. Hell they come back over and over again. Oh, crap! Now you’ve got a bigger pile of money. So you buy a bunch of houses cheap and rent em out cheap. “Month to Month” you say. And you also tell your tenants “This isn’t jail, if you’re not happy here let me know and I’ll help you move out”. Tenants are like anybody, always looking for a better deal. So they look on craigslist to see what other houses are renting for, and realize they’re getting the absolute best deal in town. Now they’ll fight like hell to stay. Some even calling you the greatest landlord ever.

You tell them the way to get rich, and even employ some of them in your business. Some listen, others don’t.

So now you’ve got a house paid for, a gas station paid for, and a bunch of rental houses paid for, and the money keeps rolling in.

Next a motel comes up for sale, what the fuck, you say, I’m gonna own a motel. You pay cash for it, and pass the savings onto the customers. Everyone likes to save money and flock to your motel. It works good to own some houses in town, every once in a while one come vacant and you can rent to someone that is new in town. My god man, the money is rolling in! And nobody hates you for being a A MONEY GRUBBING CAPITALIST PIG!!!!!

A big warehouse comes up for sale cheap, you buy it with cash. Decide to go into the trucking business. This works good with your gas station cause trucks gotta have go juice.

The kids are working with you learning the business, wife also helps, Hell she’s taken over running the motel. Go get em tiger.


The system in place today, is based off of people living to the ripe old age of 30. The credit explosion has placed people in the position of being wage slaves. The masters see no reason to change this. YOU MUST FIGHT THIS.


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