high speed ship ruby ann

The rosie anne 2 going 85.3 knots at 1532 mtn time 2/14/2016

If that’s not enough. Here’ another one, the Katisha.

high speed katisha south of austrailia

screen shot taken 15:45 mtn 2/14/2016


Why are two boats racing due north at 98 miles per hour. And at the same time.

Maybe its nothing, but it seems very odd.

The first image is the Rosie Anne, the second is the Katisha. They are both at about the 51st parallel S. latitude, probably about 2000 miles apart. Both are traveling in the same direction, at about the same speed.

Sure it’s summer time in the southern hemisphere, and the waves may not be that high. But that is really fast for a boat, out in the open ocean.


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