city of phoenix

Heading into sky harbor airport. This view is looking to the North

Hot as hell from about June 15 thru September 30. We’re talking round the clock hot. 5 a.m. you say to yourself “man its hot” as you look out to the east and curse the sun as its just starting to rise. 95 degrees and here comes the sun. Fuck!

Sometime around September 30 you start to get a break, yah it still gets hot during the day, but at night it cools to 80 or below. Finally some relief! Then around November 1st, you start wearing a jacket, because the temperature only gets up to 75 ish in the day time.

Usually, from November to February you’re kicking yourself for not moving far enough south. Hey I thought Phoenix was supposed to hot. WTF!

Which brings me to another mystery, why aren’t wood stoves popular in Phoenix? Oh sure there are plenty of fire places, that crank out the smoke so when any holiday comes around, (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years.) the valley is filled with an eye watering, lung choking cloud of fire place smoke.

A wood stove wouldn’t be so much to ask, it’s not like you have to get 6-8 chord of wood just keep from dying, North Dakota, Minnesota, Washington, Maine. Seriously folks it does get cold (Phoenix standards) in Phoenix.

People in Phoenix automatically label the west side as the “bad part of town”. Wrong! Sure its not all peaches and cream, but crime seems to happen all over the valley, no one is immune. Mesa is frequently called Metha. Lower Scottsdale, down by ASU is a strip club paradise (if there is such a thing ) and you’d be wise to keep your head on a swivel.

The west side is definitely Mexico city, so the illegals keep to themselves. It’s hard to hate the Mexican’s. I’ve met quite a few who are awesome. With that being said, why is Mexico a shithole? Oh, that’s right, it’s filled with Mexicans!

The shittiest part of Phoenix is along I-17 and the box. The box is the area formed by I-10 and I-17. East of downtown Phoenix, by the mental hospital and extending out to ASU is a shithole, and south Phoenix is starting to look like nigger heaven. Speaking of Blacks, the town of Eloy seems to be a magnet for our African peeps.

Phoenix is a pretty decent city, so don’t go thinking its Chicago.

One really nice attribute of Phoenix. The roads!

I swear to god, smooth as glass. Wide open, 40mph surface streets, long exit and entrance ramps on the freeway, rubberized asphalt. The road paint never wears out (no snow so no sand or salt).

Trying to find a decent used car cheap can be a challenge. Cash for clunkers, and the high steel prices of 2005-2015 have wiped out all the old cars. I sadly crack up laughing when I see cars listed on craigslist, $1200 for a Toyota with a bad tranny and rough interior runs okay. And the poster say’s that’s why its soo cheap. Good grief!

Another thing you have to get used to living in Phoenix, standoffishness. Must be a Mexican thing that has infected everyone else. When I moved here from Washington, I had to get used to not popping off with friendly banter to strangers. Most of the time, you’ll be met with a statue like zombie stare. Not really the friendliest group. But you get used to this Clint Eastwood like atmosphere.

Block wall fences. Probably the nicest fence ever.

Because the ground doesn’t freeze here, there is no need for a 4 foot foundation (frost heaves). So all it takes is a 1 foot foundation and there you go, one awesome block wall fence. Can’t say enough about a block wall fence, simply marvelous.

Unnecessary competition. So you’re driving on the freeway, cruising along 5 mph over the limit. You’re about to overtake a car going 3 mph over the limit, now you’re side by side. The other driver obviously saying “oh no you don’t” speeds up to 7 mph over the limit. Now that he’s ahead of you, he slows down to 3 mph over the limit, until you catch up, and the whole process starts over again. Pick any activity you want and the same level of unnecessary competition rises. That’s probably how the housing market killed itself here in Phoenix.

Right now in Phoenix, February 13 2016 the price of gas is $1.50/gallon.



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