migrant hordes

This is how we do it in our country. Goat herds block traffic. Get used to it Europe.

Why won’t the politicians fix immigration? The answer is simple.

More bodies equals more consumers.


Third world countries make up most of the worlds populations. Like animals breeding out of control.

Groups like https://www.savethechildren.net/ feeding these hordes, is like feeding a stray cat. At first it’s just one cat, then another shows up, next thing you know, a litter of kittens is on your doorstep. And just like the cats who can’t raise crops, or build an infrastructure, these savages destroy their own country.

Meanwhile back in the normal world, population grows more slowly. Sure there are plenty of our own who fall thru the cracks of society, but for the most part, most do well. The problem is; this kind of growth isn’t fast enough for the money people.

So how do you radically grow a population? Hmmm. Oh, I know. Give us all your unwashed masses.

It doesn’t matter if they have skills or not. The safety nets will cover them. The migrants will buy things with their government money, the governments will borrow money from the Central Banks to finance their spending.” Oh don’t worry Mr. Government, we’ll charge you interest on your loan”. Say’s the Bank. “Saving these unfortunate souls from the chaos we helped to create in their own countries is what really matters”.

Building a wall with Mexico will stop Mexicans from slipping in the country. I know it will work, BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT IT!!!!!!

99% of everything comes down to money.

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Reincarnated royalty who couldn't figure it out until now.
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