The only scenario that makes sense.

Benghazi was a distraction meant to cover up the theft of Libya’s 144 tons of gold.

If you can believe Wikipedia, Muammar al-Gaddafi  wanted gold backed currency. But, if that happened, the petro dollar would be in jeopardy.

One top secret email is grounds for Hillary to go to prison and she seems to have much more than one.

Hillary, under the direction of the Fed, orchestrated the heist. The problem that occurred is, there were survivors.

What we have now is a Mexican standoff. If she is prosecuted, she will implicate the Fed.  The easy answer for the Fed would be to kill Hillary. Unfortunately, Hillary is now in a high profile election and they can’t quietly get her.

Accidents happen all the time. A plane crash that is so horrific, would do a good job of making body identification very difficult. If I was the pilot of Hillary’s plane, I would be very worried about becoming collateral damage.

About sunshine and baby kittens

Reincarnated royalty who couldn't figure it out until now.
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