Th path to independence.  What people need to do is buy a house nice and cheap something that is just totally affordable.  Then the next thing that needs to be done is recessed all urges to fix it up.  Not one single improvement on your house will return you as much money as simply paying it off early.


But buck for example, you buy a house for $100,000, let’s pretend that the payments of principal interest taxes and insurance this $1000 a month.  30 years is 360 months, 316 months times $1000 equals 360,000 bucks!  Now by doing a little math 360,000 -100,000 people something like hole I don’t know how $260,000.


There is no way that a new bathroom or new kitchen or landscaping or anything else that you can think of is going to eight improve the value of your house to where you sell it and you’re gonna get $260,000 it just ain’t gonna happen.  Tout you have to be careful because the banks are kinda tricky but if you get a loan at your local bank and that way you can make the payments directly at the teller you can make principle only payments, and you have to say principle only.  So on the first of the month you make your regular $1000 payment, and then during the month you go in with a sum of money and paying on principle only.

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