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There is a conspiracy

Google promoting fags and tranny's

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I used to give the slopes the benefit of the doubt. NOT ANYMORE~!!!!!!


Caution this is horrible. Spread the word, the gooks are shit.

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Here is a screen shot, in case they try to erase the slip.


Israel slip of the tongue. angelina jolie

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Is this it?

Zimbabwe Plunges Into Total Chaos And Panic As Banks Run Out Of Cash

Does the economic sickness begin in Africa and spread elsewhere?

JP Morgan had a bank run. Use the tool setting to crank up the speed on this guy to 2x normal and you’ll really enjoy it.

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Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.


His son Kimani Johnson was also killed on Thursday Matthew V. Wood Jr, 43, was shot and killed by police on Thursday

These two fine upstanding citizens were shot 56 times by cops. The story is mysteriously absent from fox, cnn, msnbc.

Laquan McDonald get shot 16 times in Chicago, and jesse Jackson, al Sharpton, and others get right in there to stir up trouble.

My thoughts are that the media, does not want to give Trump any more energy from the angry voters who side with him.

So these two get  shot 56 times, and not a peep is heard.

Baltimore police held a press conference on Friday where they identified the men as father and son and displayed the weaponry the men were brandishing (pictured)



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The date on the email is wrong. It should be 2012 not 2000.

hillary clinton

If she would have left Bill. I could see her as a strong woman. Instead, all I see is a power hungry politician


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